About bubble programs and shows


Want a bubble show for your event, but don't know what format? In the article, you can read about the options I can offer. The programs are suitable for various types of events, like weddings, balls, parties, kid's days, celebrations, festivals, but also school and educational events. The bubble program is not just a 15-minute performance - it is much more.

Normally, arranging a program for an event looks like this. I listen to what the event is about and to your ideas. Then I will suggest a few options that I think are optimal and best for the type of event. And together we look for the best way to do it. I want everything to be the best. No two shows or programs are the same. The bubbles created at your event will not be anywhere else.


My bubble programs are divided into three basic categories. 1. Performance; 2. Workshop; 3. Bubble-pop. These categories are for guidance only and serve to give a rough idea of what can be done. It all depends on our mutual communication.

The performance may include: Bubble tricks such as a carousel, a pyramid, a traveller, giant bubbles, flammable and smoke bubbles, a bubble ring and chain, closing people inside a bubble and more. The performance itself is ideal for older viewers.

The workshop may include: Trying to create bubbles with special strings and tools, trying bubble tricks such as carousels and pyramids, creating bubbles with your hands - it can be outside on the meadow, or in the classroom, or even in a customized hall. It is possible to put people in a bubble. It is not limited to children.

The Bubble-pop may include: First of all, it is catching bubbles, the formation of large bubbles can be included - several meters, the formation of hundreds of small bubbles. I recommend Bubble-pop to younger viewers and explorers.


Although each bubble program is a little different, there are some types of programs that predominate in orders. What are they and on what occasions are they most often used?

For proms, balls and parties it is common to have a normal bubble show. However, this is an unforgettable bubble show full of bubble tricks such as smoke bubbles, burning bubbles, bubble chains, bubble carousels, bubble pyramids or bubbles of huge dimensions. This type of program is usually indoors and is about 15 minutes long.

For weddings, celebrations, festivals, a combination of performances and bubble-pop is chosen very often. This means that I will show you some fascinating bubble tricks and then you have the opportunity to catch some bubbles in your own hands. Thanks to the Zabublej bubble mix, you too have the opportunity to create large bubbles, create lots of bubbles and burst them - just to experience real fun. This type of program is usually both outside and inside and usually lasts for about 45 minutes.

For children's days, celebrations, birthdays and festivals, pure bubble-pop with a workshop is often ordered. That means that I release bubbles of various sizes - from small to several meters long, you can run, burst them and also create bubbles yourself. For simpler programs and entertainment, it is possible to purchase one of my sets and save money on one of my programs. Take a look here. The program is usually between 45 - 180 minutes long.

For camps, schools and kindergartens, the program is often tailored to the requirements, time, age and space. It usually involves a short talk about how bubbles actually work with interactive elements, performances and a workshop. The bubble workshop contains things like closing someone in a bubble, creating bubbles with your hands and doing bubble tricks, carousels, pyramids and more. Kindergartens usually want to watch the bubbles and then run and burst (1 hour). Schools usually want me to do some talking about bubbles and then let the kids try making them accompanied by a short performance (45-90 minutes). I most often go to camps and prepare a varied range of bubble stations, where children try different activities with bubbles (2-3 hours).

A custom event depends mainly on our agreement. Whether it's accompanying programs, bubble painting, charity events, special birthdays and celebrations - all of this can be arranged. Don't be afraid to contact me - we'll come up with something great together :).

"The bubbles created at your event will not be anywhere else - they will pop only for you. The bubbles you will have will not be there for anyone else, no one else will see them again - they will always remain yours."

Because the joy from bubbles brings true happiness!
Bubble artist Daniel


See the Frequently Asked Questions article for more answers. 

How long is the bubble program? 

The length of the program is determined by the type of event. It can be anywhere between 12 minutes and 6 hours. It depends on what your idea is and what is optimal for your event. Typical bubble shows are usually 12 to 30 minutes long.

How much does it cost?

The price of programs depends on several factors. These are the number of people, the type of program, the number of fluids used, the length of the program, the journey and more. I will be able to tell you the exact calculation only after listening to your idea and agreeing on the type of program. The price can therefore range from 120 - 1200 dollars.

What bubble mix do you use?

I use several different mixes for my performances (shows) because different tricks require different bubble blower properties. My bubble mix Zabublej is used during the Bubble-pop and the workshop. I make the mixture myself and the recipe is my secret.

What can you do? What programs/tricks etc...

I think I work well with children. After all, it's my main job - I work as a primary school teacher. I can tailor the bubble program to your event and based on my experience I can tell what is appropriate and what is not. I can accept a challenge and try new programs and things. I can show you bubble tricks for an hour without repetition, starting with closing a person in a bubble, through making a bubble pyramid (up to 7 bubbles in each other), to creating smoke and fire bubbles.

What if you're full or I find it expensive?

Don't worry, I've solved similar situations more than once. We have several options. The first is a different date, the second is to find a replacement and send someone from my team of bubble makers, and the third is to buy a bubble set and make a program for children on your own. Take a look at this store where you can find different sets for events.

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